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Campus Graphics produces instructional photocopy work at no charge for non-categorical work up to 500 black and white printed sheets (single sided or double sided) or 50 full color printed sheets (25 double sided) per job. For copies above these free amounts, please discuss options with the supervisor, Campus Graphics (ext. 3447). These options include creating student course packs for distribution through the college bookstore, department funding, or online links to the material via the website or Blackboard.



  • High-speed black/white and full color photocopy
  • Design/Print
  • Large format poster printing
  • Full bindery/finishing
  • Engraving




Click Register on the top right side of this screen and fill out each field. We will need an email address, cell or office number, and where you get your mail (physical location). Select your department/site and your default budget code.  Use the budget codes below for your type of department/site.

  • Cash (non institutional work)- 10000000
  • Bookstore-20000000
  • Non Categorical (district funded institutional work) Please note wideformat, color copying and laminating are chargeable to non categorical accounts as budget transfers at a material only cost-30000000. Please provide a Purchase Order number for materials only costs. 
  • Categorical (grants funded institutional work)-use your categorical budget code. 

Once completing registration please call or email the Campus Graphics Coordinator,, ext.3249, or the Campus Graphics Supervisor, ext. 3447 to finalize your registration. If you do not see your department/site or your categorical budget code, or if you have several categorical budget codes associated with your programs, please contact the supervisor of campus graphics, 922-6966 ext. 3447.



All college documents for public distribution must be reviewed and approved by the dean of the area and Public Affairs. Jobs that fit this category will be routed for approval following submission to Campus Graphics. Public documents include fliers, brochures, postcards, business cards/letterhead, group letters. Not included in this group is classroom syllabi and handouts.





Under New Order (top of screen), choose Quick Copy when you have originals that are ready for duplication without design services and for orders less than 500 total copies (i.e. 500 sindle sided, 500 two sided, 20 copies of a 25 page single sided document, etc.)

For customers who wish to drop off hard copies for duplication: 1) Fill out the Quick Copy Order form online 2) Print out order form and attach to originals 3) Drop off originals at print shop in Quick Copy basket or hand them to a Campus Graphics team member. Customers may also send their orders through intercampus mail to Robert Nourse Building H room 102 (please be advised it can take up to two business days for mail to arrive).

Customers may also make their own copies at the walk-up copier in the print shop lobby. Please fill out a Quick copy order form and in the notes write "self copied." Walk-up copier is limited to 100 copies or less, for orders larger than this please drop off in Quick Copy basket.


If you need design services, or have a job that exceeds 1000 total copies, is a NCR form, or has complex bindery needs, please select Printing Order, Under New Order (top of screen), and choose your documents file size or Design Only, if printing is not required.

Sets of Copies and Sheets per Set

  • # of Copies is the quantity of your order, if you want 25 total finished sets of multiple sheets, then put down 25.
  • # of Originals is the amount of paper per set in your order, i.e., if your order has three pages in your file, one sheet printed two sides and one sheet printed one side, that would be 2 originals. You would designate how you want your work to be printed in the ordering process- two sided or one sided.  IMPORTANT PLEASE PUT THE NUMBER OF PAGES OF YOUR FILE OR HARD-COPIES INTO THE # OF ORIGINALS FIELD AND THE SYSTEM WILL DO THE MATH FOR YOU!  For NCR forms, no matter how many actual sheets of paper are in a finished set, i.e. three part has three individual sheets of paper, its still just counted as one original. For wideformat work, the # of original field is the square footage of the order, i.e. a 24" x 36" poster would have 6 six square feet for one poster.

A good way to determine # of originals in your order is to determine how you want the file or hard copy sheets printed- two sided or one sided, then visualize a finished set in your hand as you want it completed. Count the number of sheets of paper in one complete set and that is the # of originals.


For general information please call 805-922-6966 ext. 3963.


  • MONDAY-THURSDAY: 7:30AM to 9:00PM
  • FRIDAY: 7:30AM to 4:00PM


Lauren DuboseDesign Specialist,, ext. 3443

Robert NourseCoordinator, Campus Graphics,, ext. 3249

Matthew Macpherson-Graphic, ext. 3511

Gordon Rivera-Supervisor, Campus, ext. 3447

Josh Santos-Copy Technician (Day), ext. 3957

Elizabeth Zuniga-Copy Technician (Night),, ext. 3620


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